Dataset Utility Software

Several programs have been written to faciitate working with some of the datasets in the ESSC database. The function and usage of each module is documented in the module header. Currently available are
Perl subroutine to open Arc/Info INFO tables and create templates for unpacking records.
printddr.c and printddr.exe
C-language source and MSDOS execuable versions of a standalone program to print the contents of an LAS (Land Analysis System) data descriptor record file, which includes dataset size and georeferencing information.
read_dem.c and read_dem.exe
C-language source and MSDOS executable versions of a standalone program to read digital elevation model (DEM) files in either the traditiional USGS ASCII format or the new SDTS (Spatial Data Transfer Standard) format, create a binary array of 16-bit elevation values, and print the header information.
readbsq.c and readbsq.for
C-language and Fortran versions of a function to extract subarrays from binary data files in band sequential (BSQ) format. This is the output format from the read_dem program and is also the default format for LAS image data files.

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