STATSGO mapunit serial numbers

Each STATSGO mapunit is identified by an alphanumeric mapunit ID (MUID) consisting of the two-letter postal abbreviation for the state followed by a three-digit number; for example, AL001 is the first mapunit for Alabama. For the gridded versions of the data, however, the alphanumeric MUID must be replaced by a numeric value. Accordingly, the 10,500 mapunits in the 48 conterminous states have been assigned mapunit serial numbers between 1 and 10500.

The assignment was made by sorting all the MUIDs for the 48 states alphabetically, and then assigning mapunit serial numbers sequentially to the sorted MUID values. The relation between mapunit serial number and mapunit ID is defined by a translation table.

This table is available in two formats: as an ASCII file, and as an Arc/Info INFO table. Users of Arc/Info polygon coverages may access this table using MUID as the relate item. For users of Arc/Info grids, the table has been incorporated into the VAT (value attribute table) for each gridded Arc/Info coverage.

The versions of the file available for direct download using the World Wide Web or ftp are

muserial.ascii. (137 kbyte)
Translation table in ASCII format.
muserial.e00.gz (45 kbyte, uncompresses to 148 kbyte)
INFO version of translation table, Arc/Info EXPORT format, compressed using gzip.

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